Violence Jack

In Japan, anime covers a wide range of genres, action, drama, comedy, sci-fi (particularly Mecha), but in the United Kingdom in the 1990’s a slew of violent anime Original Video Animations hit the high street. Many of the films suffered cuts due to the high level of violence. In the following blogs, I will be looking at several of the films released under the Manga label. 

Violence Jack is a Japanese comic book originally serialised in 1973.

Three of the stories were adapted and released as three independent original Video Animations. Released at different times and different order to the rest of the world the films are Harem Bomber (aka Harlem Bomber) 1986, Evil Town 1988 and Hell’s wind 1990

In the mid-nineties, the films were distributed on VHS by the Manga label throughout the world. Due to the violent content, many scenes ended getting partially censored in some countries and in Australia, the Violence Jack OVA titled Evil Town was banned altogether. 

The name’s Violence, Violence Jack. 

Violence Jack (yes, that is the name everyone calls him) is a two-metre tall giant who carries an enormous folding Jackknife. In the first film Harem Bomber, (possibly a typo for Harlem Bomber which is an alternative title,) an asteroid flattens much of Japan. Those who remain trapped and isolated soon find themselves at the mercy of vicious motorcycle gangs led by a dude in Samurai getup called the Slum King.

Commander Bomber is the Slum Kings second in command and vows to kill Violence Jack. Bomber’s criminal network runs far and wide, and a second in command called Rose finds women to use as sex-slaves in the gang’s hideout.  

Death comes in many guises ….

After escaping from Rose’s slave convoy Yumi and Mari end up on the run. While taking a breather, Mari tells Yumi she is searching for her partner. Two of the slavers soon end up dead at the hands of Mr Jack who beheads one of them. Pursued by bikers Jack, (I’m going to stick with Jack) makes short work of them with his knife. As for Yumi and Mari, they end up captured by Rose. 


Once at the Harem, (I’m guessing in Harlem), the two unfortunate girls see the fate awaiting them. The main baddies are muscular lumps who despite their supposedly dire situation never seem to be without a fleet of vehicles or fuel. Why they never pile into a helicopter and fly away is beyond me, but then I guess they want to stay and rule in hell. 


The trilogy of films need not be viewed in any order. Without going into spoilers all three films follow the sex and violence themes in the Violence Jack OVAs. 


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