The Ultimate Horror Thesaurus

Want to HACK your horror writing?

With no filler, this deceptive eBook is bursting full of horror prompts, scenarios and ideas.

The zombie chapter alone is huge!

As well as word lists the appearance and sounds of the undead, the zombie section of the Thesaurus contains dozens of ideas on:
How the dead get raised.
How survivors recognise the symptoms of the infected.
The strange effects zombies have on animals and insects.
How the army’s attempts to contain the plague.
A critical eye also gets cast over the heroes and villains who live in a world ruled by the dead.
With so much to choose from you will never be stuck for words to describe the smells, sights or sounds of those caught up in a world of the living dead.

Zombie survivors

If you enjoy The Walking Dead or Z Nation there is a section on the human survivors and the communities they build. The section covers the types of lone wolf survivors and hardcore veterans both good and evil.

Much more than word lists to describe carnage and gore the book has hundreds of prompts and scenarios covering, aliens, cults, serial killers, giants and swarms of deadly bugs. In short if you are a horror fan, writer, screenwriter looking for ideas then this book is a must have for your collection.

Click the link below to get a copy from Amazon.


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