Mortal Kombat 11

Finish him …again

Mortal Kombat is back again with another bone crushing instalment. Ultra violence goes hand in hand with any MK title. In this new edition you have the brutal beat downs and the bone crushing combo breakers seen in the older games. However as always it is the ever increasingly realistic fatalities that imprint on our senses.
Not just a splatter-fest the game play has the increasing levels of hardness you would expect. The video below gives a good overview of the games control system and how each character is handled.

Mortal Kombat 11 review

Can’t get enough of MK? Here is a web series that may have passed you by.

Mortal Kombat in real life? Below are some of the fatalities from the previous game re imagined by youtuber Rackaracka. Be warned despite the humour the violent scenes are very gruesome

If its all too grusome for you check out the humourus Mortal KOmbat mashups below. There are several humouros pictuires including a cosplayer who has conducted a babyality on Raiden and Pokemon and Mario reimagined as MK characters


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