Using Pinterest for Horror writing ideas

In the last three months I’ve discovered what a great tool Pinterest is to use for horror prompts. Need ideas for a spooky location? There are tons of abandoned and dilapidated buildings, deserts, ruins, abandoned warehouses and churches completely overgrown with foliage.

If you need help making the monsters in your mind flesh, there are alternate takes by artists on film posters, characters in popular culture and monsters that already exist. A search of monsters re imagined brought up zombie Pokemon, the Zodiac signs reimagned as Godzilla Kaiju monsters and many more.

Don’t get swallowed up!!

If you have a target of 500 keywords then it might be an idea to time your research on Pinterest as its easy to get absorbed in all the imaginative takes on comic and film that are available.

I recently toyed with the idea of a serial killer posing as a monster from local legend and terrorising a local farming community. To help with ideas I jumped on the cosplay and Live Action Roleplaying (LARPing) boards.
Within seconds hundreds of images came up of people in homemade costumes with inbuilt stilts for height and wearing imaginative makeup.
My mind was blown with the amount of creativity available at the click of a button and it made me think of the overuse of CGI in modern films.

So if you want to get some ideas for a book or screenplay your are working on or just want to see some great images get on Pinterest and start searching!


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